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Cheap Bali Tour 2023 – Choice of Complete Private Tour Tour Packages

Are you looking for cheap Bali tour packages for 2023, whether for family vacations, honeymoons, or office holidays with friends? If so, please continue reading this page! Because on this page there is a complete selection of cheap tour packages to Bali that suit the tastes of Indonesian tourists.

In addition, all the vacation package options we provide are private tour types. This means that you are not combined with other customers of other Bali tour packages in 1 vehicle. With the aim to maintain the comfort of you and your family while in the vehicle.

Bali Tourism Attraction

Most of our customers, when planning a vacation to the island of the Gods and booking a tour package, will first look for information about holiday activities and tourist attractions on the island of Bali.

You surely already know, the island of the Gods provides a variety of interesting tourist attractions. Such as Bali water sports activities, and tourist attractions that offer beautiful natural scenery, art, and culture which are well known to foreign countries. Such as the Barong dance, Kecak dance, and temple tourism objects. For natural attractions, the Island of the Gods has many choices, including;

  • White sand beach with sunset views.
  • View of terraced rice fields.
  • Natural waterfalls and natural lakes.
  • View of the volcano.

The list of natural beauty doesn’t stop there because when you are on vacation in Bali, there will be many interesting things that you will find on the island of Bali.

There are so many choices of activities and tourist attractions in Bali, making the Island of the Gods one of the favorite tourist destinations in Indonesia. Because it can meet the criteria of so many tourists, who certainly have different tourist criteria. 

To make it easier for you to make a holiday itinerary and determine your choice of Bali holiday packages, please click the link below!

Criteria for Selection of Cheap Bali packages by Tourists

Arvi Tours Bali has decades of experience in providing cheap holiday package services to Bali. Therefore, we know that every Indonesian tourist has different criteria and wishes when ordering a Bali holiday package.

  1. There are tourists who want to book a half-day tour package. Because you have limited vacation time or while on vacation in Bali there are other activities that must be done.
  2. Many Indonesian tourists also order full-day tour packages. The reason is that they want to spend a lot of vacation time at tourist attractions or doing tourist activities.
  3. Criteria for tourists who are on a family vacation to Bali with children. Due to holidays with children, most of the holiday destinations on the Island of the Gods are tourist attractions for children. Then the choice of holiday package is a family tour package to Bali.
  4. Honeymoon tour packages are preferred by Indonesian tourists who are on their honeymoon.
  5. A list of the most popular holiday package options that many Indonesian tourists order while on vacation in Bali.
  6. Combination tour packages. Young people like it, because the combination vacation package combines water sports activities with holidays to famous tourist attractions in Bali.

Then what are the criteria for your vacation to Bali? To meet different tourist criteria and make it easier for you to find a tour package that you like. So on this Bali tour package page, we will classify it according to the criteria above.

List of Half-Day Bali Tour Packages

To meet the criteria of tourists who have limited vacation time or Indonesian tourists who arrive on the island of the Gods in the morning, we provide a choice of half-day Bali tour packages.

Here are some examples of half-day tour package options that Arvi Tours provides.

If you want to see more detailed routes and half-day tour package itineraries, please click the name of the half-day vacation package that you like.

Tour Package NamePrice
Uluwatu Half-Day TourIDR 570,000 / Adult.
IDR 365,000 / child.
Children < 2 Years Free.
Tanah Lot Sunset Tour Half DayIDR 485,000 / Adult.
IDR 285,000 / Child.
Infant (0-2 Years), Free.
Tanjung Benoa GWK Uluwatu TourIDR 525,000 / Adult.
IDR 320,000 / Child.
Children < 2 Years Old, Free.
Bali Bird Park Tour Half DayIDR 527,000 / Person.
IDR 276,000 / Child.
Infant (0-2 Years), Free.
Uluwatu Half-Day Tanah Lot Tour PackageIDR 615,000 / Adult.
IDR 340,000 / Child (2-9 years).
Infant (0-2 years), Free.
Half Day Ubud Uluwatu Tour PackageIDR 705,000 / Adult.
IDR 410,000 / child.
Infant (0-2 Years), Free.

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Bali Paket Tour Full Day

For those of you who want to use more vacation time to visit tourist attractions, then the full-day tour package will suit you. Here are some choices of 1-day vacation packages in Bali that we provide.

To find out the vacation routes and itineraries for each full-day tour package, please click the link!

Full-Day Tour PackagePrice
Kintamani tourIDR 700,000/Adult
IDR 375,000/Child
Ubud Kintamani Full-Day Tour PackageIDR 575,000/Adult
IDR 475,000/Child
Lovina Bali Tour PackagesIDR 590,000/Adult
IDR 360,000/ChildBedugul Jatiluwih Tanah Lot TourIDR 525,000/adult
IDR 257,500/child
Uluwatu Kecak TourIDR 675,000/adult
IDR 400,000/child

Family Tour Packages to Bali

Choice of Family Vacation PackagesPriceFamily Tour Packages to Bali 2 DaysIDR 875,000/Adult
IDR 438,000/Child

There are so many choices of cheap tour packages that we provide, and all types of private tours. Of the many choices of Bali tour packages that we provide, the following is a list of Bali tour packages that are most ordered by Indonesian tourists.

So that you get detailed information about each of the best-selling holiday packages at Arvi Tours Bali, please click the link in the name of the holiday package.

Popular Tour OptionsPrice
Uluwatu TourIDR 625,000 / Adult
IDR 420,000 / Child
Dreamland TourIDR 1,095,000 / Adult
IDR 900,000 / Child
Ubud TourIDR 740,000 / Adult
IDR 370,000 / Child
Tanah Lot TourIDR 650,000 / Adult
IDR 320,000 / Child
Bedugul TourIDR 550,000 / Adult
IDR 355,000 / Child
Tour Packages in Bali 3 DaysIDR 1,020,000 / Adult
IDR 510,000 / Child
Tour Packages in Bali 4 DaysIDR 1,560,000 / Adult
IDR 780,000 / Child
Tour Packages in Bali 5 DaysIDR 2,135,000 / Adult
IDR 1,067,500 / Child
Tour Packages in Bali 6 DaysIDR 2,750,000 / Adult
IDR 1,375,000 / Child

Combination Tour Packages

Indonesian tourists who like combination tour packages are young tourists. Because this Bali tour package combines Bali water sports activities with holidays to popular tourist attractions in Bali. Types of water sports in Bali that are preferred by Indonesian tourists such as Bali rafting tours and Tanjung Benoa water sports activities.

So that you get detailed information about each combination tour package, please click the link in the tour package name.

Choice of Combination Holiday PackagesPrice
Water Sport Tanah Lot TourIDR 732,500/Adult
IDR 537,500/Child
IDR 260,000/Child (age 0 – 7 years)
Bali Water Sports Ubud TourIDR 894,500/Adult
IDR 663,500/Child (7 – 12 years)
IDR 386,000/Child (0 – 7 years old)Kintamani Tour Ayung Rafting PackageIDR 650,000/person
Age criteria 7 – 65 years
Ubud Tour Ayung Rafting PackageIDR 690,000/person
Age criteria 7 – 65 years
Paket Tour Water Sports Jimbaran Seafood DinnerIDR 1,155,000/Adult (12 – 65 Years)
IDR 960,000/Child (7 – 12 years old)
For children under 7 years old, contact us.
Uluwatu Tour Elephant Ride Holiday PackagesIDR 967,000/Adult
IDR 598,000/Child (2 – 12 years)
IDR 155,000/Baby (0 – 2 years old)Bali Uluwatu Tour Watersport PackagesIDR 1,215,000/Adult
IDR 945,000/Child (7 – 12 years)
Children aged 0 – 7 years, Free
Telaga Waja Rafting Tour PackageIDR 845,000. Age of Participants 7- 65 Years
Tanah Lot Tour Ayung Rafting PackageIDR 680,000. Age of Participants 7 – 65 Years
Bali Safari Tanah Lot TourIDR 575,000/Adult
IDR 350,000/Child (2 – 12 years old)
Free, Children (0 – 2 years old)

In the table above are some examples of combination tour package options available at Arvi Tour Bali. For more details about the choice of Bali combination tour packages, please click the link below!

Why Order the cheapest Bali tour packages at Arvi Tours

We have been engaged in the Bali car rental service business for a long time with a driver or without a driver. This gives us a wealth of experience in fulfilling the diverse needs of our customers. One of the wishes of our customers who order tour packages to Bali is to get cheap tour package prices in Bali, without reducing the quality of service and products.

Because there is so high demand from our clients for cheap tour packages in Bali. Therefore we make cheap Bali tour packages, in order to fulfill customer requests. In running the Bali tour package business, our priority is to provide competitive cheap Bali tour package prices, without neglecting customer satisfaction. To maintain customer satisfaction who want tour packages in Bali, we always provide cars in prime condition, and passenger comfort is always maintained.

In addition, the driver who takes you plays an important role in your satisfaction. Because of the important role of the driver in our customer satisfaction, we always consider the strict selection and customer comments on driver service in the selection of drivers.

In addition to driver service to customers, we also emphasize driver knowledge about tourist attractions on the island of Bali that our customers visit.

Holiday Package Prices Include Meals

Of course, as long as you enjoy cheap Bali tours, you will feel hungry. Therefore, almost all the prices of our tour packages include lunch and dinner at a restaurant that serves buffet-style food.

Choosing a restaurant with a buffet style will make it easier for you to choose the food you like and you are not limited in taking food. We selectively choose restaurants so that our customer’s satisfaction is maintained.

The cheap Bali tour packages for 2023 that we provide do not include tour guides. This is because, of input from our regular customers, who do not want a tour guide during a tour in Bali.

Most of our regular customers have obtained accurate information about tourist attractions in Bali from the Internet. In addition, without additional costs for tour guides, it will make the tour package prices in Bali that we provide cheaper.

We also consider the selection of holiday locations to visit. Especially in terms of determining the time and distance of each tourist location in Bali. Because we don’t want our customers to spend their holiday in Bali in a vehicle.

Questions Frequently Asked by Customers Regarding cheap trips to Bali

In providing cheap Bali tour package services, we very often get questions from customers who want to book tour packages to Bali. The following are examples of questions that are frequently asked by customers.

How many days is the ideal time for a vacation in Bali?

If you have never been on holiday to Bali, 7 days are the ideal time for a vacation to Bali. Within 7 days, you can visit most of the famous tourist attractions in Bali.

When is the best time to vacation in Bali?

Every tourist has their own criteria regarding the best time to have a vacation to the island of Bali. For more details about when is the best time to vacation in Bali, please click the link!

If I order a tour package to Bali, will I be combined with other customers in one vehicle?

No, we at Arvi Tours Bali only provide private tours. This means you will not be combined in one vehicle with other customers you don’t know.

Can I change the tourist destinations to be visited in the tour package?

Nearly 70% of our customers will change their tour itinerary. All you need to do is tell the tourist attractions on the island of Bali that you want to visit, as well as the holiday activities in Bali that you want to participate in. We will arrange your tour itinerary so that the route is in the same direction. Of course, the tour itinerary is in accordance with the tourist attractions and activities that you like.

How to Book a Tour With us

  • Please fill out the Travel Inquiry form below
  • This Tour Form is not a final confirmation, we need to check the availability of your requested tour
  • We will reply as soon as possible after receiving your Tour Inquiry
  • If the Tour Form doesn’t work, please email directly to this email:
  • Or send us a message via WhatsApp at this number +6283115192999

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