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What will be discussed in this article?

Exploring the Bali Ubud Kintamani Tour: A Journey Through Culture and Scenic Beauty

Bali, often referred to as the “Island of the Gods,” offers a captivating mix of rich cultural heritage and stunning natural landscapes. The Bali Ubud Kintamani Tour is an ideal way to experience the island’s diverse attractions, combining the artistic vibrancy of Ubud with the breathtaking highland scenery of Kintamani. This tour provides a comprehensive exploration of Bali’s cultural heart and its volcanic highlands, offering visitors a memorable and enriching experience.

Ubud And Kintamani Tour Is A Bali Full Day Tour Packages To Enjoy Visiting Interest Places In Ubud Village And Continue To Kintamani Village For Enjoy The Beautiful View Of Volcano

Bali Ubud Kintamani Tour is the best Bali Full Day Tour Package in Bali Islands to enjoy Visiting interest places at Ubud Village and continue to Kintamani for enjoy the beautiful view of Mount Batur Volcano.

This Ubud Kintamani Tour will visit places of interest in Bali like watching traditional Barong and Keris Dance performance is balinese dance story about battle good and evil, then the tour continue to visit Celuk Village is traditional village for gold and silver handicraft, see the amazing and beautiful silver art in this place,

then tour continue to visit the Tirta Empul Temple or most known as a Holy Spring Temple, a myth described if this temple was build by God Indra for protect the village from the arrogant King Maya Denawa, then ubud and kintamani volcano tour will visit the Kintamani village to see the breathtaking view of mount batur volcano, is a mountain tourism object for see the view of mount batur and lake batur view, and you will having lunch in Kintamani, while having lunch you can admire the beauty of the mount batur volcano and the lake batur from the restaurant.

After lunch we will visit beautiful Rice Terrace at Tegallalang village, take picture as many as you like with back ground the ubud tegalalang rice terrace, and then tour continue to visit Ubud Monkey Forest in the center of ubud town is small forest and conservation by dwelt with some group of monkeys and other tropical animals, is great moment to encounter with funny animal.

After that we back to your hotel with bring a wonderful memory during this Full Day Ubud Village and Kintamani Volcano Tour. Enjoy this Ubud Kintamani Tour with our Bali Tours Driver Service during your holiday in Bali and below is a short description about the place of interest you will visit during Ubud and Kintamani Tour.

Places of Interest Will Be Visit During Bali Ubud Village and Kintamani Volcano Tour :

Exploring Ubud: The Cultural Heart of Bali

Ubud is widely regarded as Bali’s cultural center, known for its traditional crafts, vibrant arts scene, and historical significance. Nestled amidst lush greenery and terraced rice fields, Ubud offers a tranquil retreat that is perfect for immersing oneself in Balinese culture.

Traditional Balinese Dance Performances

Ubud is renowned for its traditional dance performances, which are an integral part of Balinese culture. Performances such as the Barong, Legong, and Kecak dances are held regularly and offer a mesmerizing display of Balinese artistry. These dances, accompanied by traditional music, narrate stories from Hindu epics and local folklore, providing a captivating cultural experience.

Barong and Keris Dance Performance (Trance Dance)

Barong and Keris Dance Performance also known as a Trance Dance is a Balinese traditional dance story about fight between good and evil. Barong is a character in the mythology of Bali. He is the king of the spirits, leader of the hosts of good, and enemy of Rangda in the mythological traditions of Bali.

Is unended battle between Barong and Rangda, the dancer bring the story very well and put some humor inside the story will make the watching more interesting. After finish the barong and keris dance performance youre welcome for taking picture with the dancer.

It’s an incredibly beautiful experience to know more about traditional Balinese dances that are performed beautifully that will make you get carried away by the storyline that they bring in this one day tour of Ubud and Kintamani Tour

Celuk Village for Traditional Gold and Silver Art

Celuk Village is a traditional village which famous for the incredible gold and silver handicrafts are available around this area for very low prices. As you enter the neighborhood, you’re going to feel as if you were in a jewelry exhibition. On ether side of the road are established many art shops showcasing their finest works inside a glass display case. We will visit one of the best gold and silver art works in celuk village.

You can take a closer look at them to appreciate it and buy some if you really like it or you can made custom jewelry based on your design. Enjoy a visit to one of the art shops to see the process of making silver handicrafts from start to finish, and here the finished silver handicrafts are displayed, which you can buy and see. It’s a very impressive experience to see a very beautiful and beautiful craft

Tirta Empul Temple (Holy Spring Temple)

Tirta Empul temple also known as the Holy Spring Temple located in Tampak Siring, for more thousand years the Balinese worshippers has been come to this temple for having the holy water to purified the body from Bad luck, local people believe if the water in this temple has power to clean body from negative things. a myth described if this sacred spring temple is build by God of Indra give to the dead warriors which been killed by Arrogant king Maya Denawa, the dead warrior come alive after sprang the water from this holy spring temple.

Now this temple is used by Hindus to purify themselves from negative influences that exist in the body and soul, and also many tourists come here to purify themselves in this spring water tirta empul pool. a very impressive spiritual experience to see the uniqueness of this tirta empul temple looks siring

Ubud Tegallalang Rice Terrace

The Tegallalang Rice Terraces are a quintessential part of the Ubud landscape. These terraces are famous for their beautiful, intricate layout and the traditional subak irrigation system. Visitors can stroll through the terraces, take in the panoramic views, and capture stunning photographs, especially during sunrise or sunset when the lighting enhances the natural beauty of the landscape.

Ubud Tegallalang Rice Terrace is famous tourist attraction for beautiful rice terraces, many tourists who travel to and from Kintamani stopped at this place to witness the beauty of the verdant terraced rice field scenery or having lunch at the restaurant while enjoying the beautiful scenery of terraced rice fields. Tegallalang Rice Terrace is one of the tourist icon in Ubud Bali. The rice terrace is designed very beautiful with exquisite hollowing rice field and precisely located on the hill bank.

In this place, You will enjoy the beautiful panorama of valley with rice terrace and coconut trees ornament it. A view of the rice fields with the beauty of the terrace often and also the natural scenery around which is still very natural with cool air will accompany you in seeing the beauty of the rice fields in this Ubud village

Ubud Monkey Forest

The Ubud Monkey Forest, also known as the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary, is a significant cultural and natural site. Home to hundreds of long-tailed macaques, the forest also houses several ancient temples, adding a spiritual dimension to the visit. The lush greenery and playful monkeys make it a delightful experience, though visitors should follow guidelines to ensure a safe and respectful interaction with the wildlife.

Ubud Monkey Forest is a nature reserve temple complex in Ubud Bali. Its full name as written on a welcome sign is the Padangtegal Mandala Wisata Wanara Wana Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary. Ubud Monkey Forest is a small rain forest dwelt by some group of monkeys and other tropical animals.

It is strategically located in the hearth of Ubud Village. The Sacred Monkey Forest serves not only as an important component in the spiritual and daily life of the villagers, but is the site of several research and conservation programs. A very impressive experience in the one day tour of Ubud and Kintamani Tour by visiting the ubud monkey forest and seeing the natural beauty of the tropical forest and sacred temples in the forest and also seeing the funny monkey activities in the ubud forest

Kintamani Village for Mount Batur Volcano View

Kintamani Village is the object of mountain tourism is very unique and stunning, with cool air condition in the daytime and cold at night. Kintamani is 1500 meters high, the village of Kintamani his a cool, damp climate suited to growing oranges and passion fruit and on market day, which falls every third day, the main street becomes a bustling chaos of vendors, some of whom have traveled from far away.

Tourism Object is located in the area is located in the village of Batur. We can watch stunning natural scenery of Penelokan, a combination of Mount Batur and the expanse of black rock with Lake Batur and on a blue caldera. The scenery is very beautiful to see the beauty of Mount Batur and Lake Batur from Kintamani Village, enjoy the spectacularly beautiful scenery in the one day tour of Ubud and Kintamani tour

Ubud Royal Palace and Traditional Market

The Ubud Royal Palace, or Puri Saren Agung, is a historical landmark located in the heart of Ubud. This palace showcases traditional Balinese architecture and regularly hosts cultural performances. Nearby, the Ubud Traditional Market offers a bustling shopping experience where visitors can purchase local crafts, textiles, and souvenirs. Haggling is part of the experience, so shoppers should be prepared to negotiate prices.

Art Galleries and Museums in Ubud

Ubud is home to numerous art galleries and museums that showcase both traditional and contemporary Balinese art. The Agung Rai Museum of Art (ARMA) and the Neka Art Museum are two prominent institutions where visitors can explore an extensive collection of paintings, sculptures, and other artworks. These venues highlight the rich artistic heritage of Bali and the contributions of local and international artists.

Mount Batur and Kintamani: The Scenic Highlands

Kintamani, located in the highlands of Bali, is renowned for its dramatic landscapes and cooler climate. The area offers stunning views of Mount Batur, an active volcano, and Lake Batur, a vast caldera lake. This region is a haven for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts.

Mount Batur Volcano and Lake Batur

Mount Batur is one of Bali’s most iconic landmarks. The volcano offers a popular trekking route that culminates in a spectacular sunrise view from the summit. The trek, though challenging, is rewarding and provides panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. Lake Batur, situated at the foot of the volcano, adds to the scenic beauty and offers opportunities for leisurely boat rides and fishing.

Kintamani Village

Kintamani Village is a charming settlement that provides a glimpse into traditional Balinese life. The village is known for its vibrant local culture and warm hospitality. Visitors can explore local markets, interact with villagers, and learn about traditional practices such as farming and handicrafts. The village offers a serene environment to relax and soak in the highland atmosphere.

Toya Bungkah Hot Spring

The Toya Bungkah Hot Spring is a natural thermal spring located near Lake Batur. The hot springs are known for their therapeutic properties and provide a relaxing experience amidst the scenic backdrop of Mount Batur. Visitors can soak in the warm waters, enjoying the stunning views and the rejuvenating effects of the mineral-rich springs.

Bali’s Coffee Plantation Experience

Kintamani is also famous for its coffee plantations, particularly the production of the renowned Luwak coffee. Visitors can tour these plantations to learn about the coffee-making process, from cultivation to roasting. Coffee tasting sessions offer an opportunity to sample different varieties, including the unique and highly prized Luwak coffee, made from beans that have been eaten and excreted by civet cats.

Temples in Ubud and Kintamani

Bali is home to numerous sacred temples, each with its own unique history and significance. In Ubud, the Tirta Empul Temple is famous for its holy spring water, where locals and visitors alike participate in purification rituals. In Kintamani, the Pura Ulun Danu Batur is one of Bali’s key temples, dedicated to the lake goddess Dewi Danu. These temples offer a spiritual experience and a deeper understanding of Balinese Hinduism.

Culinary Delights on the Tour

The Bali Ubud Kintamani Tour is not complete without indulging in the local cuisine. From traditional Balinese dishes like nasi goreng (fried rice) and satay to exotic fruits and freshly brewed coffee, the tour provides numerous culinary delights. Popular dining spots in Ubud and Kintamani offer a variety of local and international cuisines, often in scenic settings that enhance the dining experience.

Travel Tips for the Bali Ubud Kintamani Tour

To make the most of the Bali Ubud Kintamani Tour, consider the following tips:

  • Best Time to Visit: The dry season, from April to October, is ideal for outdoor activities and sightseeing.
  • Packing Essentials: Bring comfortable walking shoes, lightweight clothing, sunscreen, a hat, and a reusable water bottle.
  • Health and Safety: Stay hydrated, use insect repellent, and follow local guidelines and cultural etiquette.

Sustainable Tourism Practices

Supporting sustainable tourism is essential to preserving Bali’s natural beauty and cultural heritage. Tourists are encouraged to:

  • Support Local Communities: Purchase handmade goods, dine at local restaurants, and hire local guides.
  • Eco-Friendly Tips: Minimize plastic use, dispose of waste responsibly
  • Respect Wildlife and Nature: Follow guidelines when visiting natural sites and interacting with wildlife to avoid disturbing the environment.

Family-Friendly Activities on the Tour

The Bali Ubud Kintamani Tour offers a range of activities suitable for families, ensuring a fun and educational experience for all ages. Some family-friendly options include:

  • Kid-Safe Attractions: Sites like the Ubud Monkey Forest and Tegallalang Rice Terraces are great for children, offering both entertainment and learning opportunities.
  • Educational Experiences: Visits to coffee plantations, art galleries, and local markets can be both informative and engaging for children.
  • Family Packages: Many tour operators offer customized family packages that include child-friendly activities, accommodations, and meals, ensuring a hassle-free experience for parents.

Adventure Activities in Kintamani

For adventure enthusiasts, Kintamani offers various activities that provide an adrenaline rush and showcase the region’s natural beauty:

  • Cycling: Explore the scenic landscapes of Kintamani on a cycling tour. These tours often include downhill routes from Mount Batur, offering both excitement and stunning views.
  • Trekking: Aside from the popular Mount Batur sunrise trek, there are other trekking routes that take you through lush forests, rural villages, and along the shores of Lake Batur.
  • Water Activities: Enjoy activities like kayaking or paddle boating on Lake Batur, providing a refreshing way to explore the area.

Photography Tips for the Tour

Capturing the beauty and essence of the Bali Ubud Kintamani Tour requires some thoughtful photography tips:

  • Landscapes: Use wide-angle lenses to capture the vastness of rice terraces and volcanic landscapes. Early morning and late afternoon light provides the best conditions for landscape photography.
  • Cultural Moments: Respectfully photograph cultural events and rituals, asking for permission when needed. Use a fast shutter speed to capture traditional dances and ceremonies.
  • Close-Ups: Take close-up shots of local crafts, flora, and fauna to highlight the intricate details and natural beauty of Bali.

Accommodation Options in Ubud and Kintamani

Choosing the right accommodation can greatly enhance your tour experience. Both Ubud and Kintamani offer a variety of lodging options to suit different preferences and budgets:

  • Luxury Stays: For those seeking comfort and luxury, options like the Four Seasons Resort Bali at Sayan in Ubud and the Ayana Resort and Spa in Kintamani provide top-notch amenities, stunning views, and exceptional service.
  • Budget-Friendly Options: Affordable yet comfortable accommodations such as guesthouses and boutique hotels are available in both Ubud and Kintamani. Examples include the Ubud Village Hotel and Lakeview Hotel in Kintamani.
  • Unique Lodgings: Experience Bali’s charm by staying in traditional Balinese villas, eco-lodges, or even treehouses. These unique stays offer a more intimate connection with nature and local culture.

Local Guides and Tour Operators

Hiring a local guide or booking through a reputable tour operator can significantly enhance your tour experience:

  • Benefits of Guided Tours: Local guides offer insights into Bali’s culture, history, and natural environment that you might miss on your own. They can navigate the best routes and hidden gems.
  • Recommended Operators: Look for tour operators with positive reviews and a commitment to sustainable tourism practices. Personal recommendations and online reviews can help you choose a reliable operator.
  • Booking Tips: Book your tours in advance, especially during peak travel seasons, to secure availability and the best rates.

Traveler Testimonials and Experiences

Hearing from others who have experienced the Bali Ubud Kintamani Tour can provide valuable insights and inspiration:

  • Personal Stories: Many travelers share their adventures through blogs, social media, and travel forums. Reading these accounts can give you a sense of what to expect and help you prepare for your journey.
  • Highlights of the Tour: Common highlights mentioned by past visitors include the stunning landscapes, cultural interactions, and the sense of accomplishment from completing challenging routes.
  • Tips from Past Visitors: Practical advice from experienced travelers can enhance your trip. Look for tips on the best routes, must-see attractions, and recommendations for local eateries and accommodations.

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Cancellation Policy

  • You’ll get a full refund if you cancel at least 48 hours (s) before the activity starts

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long is the Bali Ubud Kintamani Tour?

The tour typically lasts a full day, around 8-10 hours, but can be customized to fit your schedule.

Do I need to book the tour in advance?

It’s advisable to book in advance, especially during peak tourist seasons, to ensure availability and secure the best rates.

What should I wear for the tour?

Wear comfortable, breathable clothing and sturdy walking shoes. Bring a light jacket for cooler highland temperatures and a hat for sun protection.

Is the tour suitable for children?

Yes, the tour offers family-friendly activities and attractions suitable for children. Many tour operators provide customized family packages.

Are meals included in the tour package?

This depends on the tour operator. Some packages include meals, while others may offer them as an add-on option.

Can I join the tour if I have mobility issues?

Many attractions on the tour are accessible, but it’s best to check with the tour operator about specific accommodations for mobility issues.


The Bali Ubud Kintamani Tour is a remarkable journey that combines the best of Bali’s cultural and natural attractions. From the artistic vibrancy and serene rice terraces of Ubud to the dramatic volcanic landscapes and highland charm of Kintamani, this tour offers an unforgettable experience. Whether you’re exploring ancient temples, trekking up a volcano, or savoring local delicacies, the Bali Ubud Kintamani Tour provides a comprehensive and enriching adventure.

Embark on this extraordinary journey to discover the heart and soul of Bali, and create lasting memories amidst its stunning landscapes and vibrant culture. With careful planning, respectful engagement with local traditions, and an adventurous spirit, your Bali Ubud Kintamani Tour promises to be a highlight of your travels.

Bali Ubud and Kintamani Tour Itinerary :

08:00 – Pick up at the hotel
09.30 – Watching Barong and Keris Dance Performance
11.00 – Visit Celuk Vilage (Traditional Gold and Silver Art)
12.30 – Visit Tirta Empul Temple (Holy Spring Temple)
13.30 – Visit Kintamani Village for see the amazing view of Mount Batur Active Volcano and Lake Batur
13.40 – Enjoy Lunch at Kintamani with view Mount Batur Active Volcano
15.30 – Visit Ubud Tegallalang Rice Terrace
16.30 – Visit Ubud Monkey Forest
17.30 – Back to Hotel
18.30 – Arrive at Hotel

Bali Ubud and Kintamani Tour Price :

The tour we provide is Based on Private Tour (no sharing), We offer two price you can choose which is Regular Tours Price and Inclusive Tours Price, Please see below the details of Bali Ubud and Kintamani Tour Packages price :

Regular Tours Price :

IDR 950,000/car ( 1 till 6 person included)
IDR 1,750,000/minibus ( 1 till 17 person included)
Inclusion : Private Car / Minibus / Bus with Good A/C + Petrol + English Speaking Driver
Note : Entrance fee, lunch and barong dance performance ticket is not include in the price


Inclusive Tours Price :

IDR 850,000/person
Note :

  • For Inclusive Price is minimum Booking 2 Person
  • Special price for booking 3 person or more

Inclusion : Private Car / Minibus / Bus with Good A/C + Petrol + English Speaking Driver + Entrance Fee + Ticket Barong Dance Performance + Mineral Water

Area Covered for Pick Up :

Seminyak, Legian, Kuta, Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, Pecatu, Sanur, Ubud, Canggu, Denpasar, Benoa Harbour, Airport
Please contact us for pick up in different area

Before you book

Tour Schedule

  • This tour is available on
  • Monday-Sunday
  • The same price applies to all ages

Itinerary Reminder

  • The schedule is subject to change depending on traffic and weather conditions on your activity date

Prohibitions & Limitations

  • This activity is not recommended for anyone with impaired physical mobility
  • This activity is not recommended for anyone with certain medical conditions such as high blood pressure, epilepsy, etc.
  • The activity is unable to accommodate allergies, gluten intolerance, vegetarian diets, or other dietary needs

Cancellation Policy

  • You’ll get a full refund if you cancel at least 48 hours (s) before the activity starts

Notes :

  • Price Not includes 21% government tax and service
  • This tour is a Private Tour, meaning there are no other participants, only you and your companion
  • The tour will be assisted by an English-speaking tour driver
  • Tour Guides can be requested, contact us if you want to request a Tour Guide during the trip
  • Tourism time and site may change based on your request.
  • Use the contact form provided to send us a message, request information, or make a tour booking request.

Additional Information

  • For more information on this trip, please contact +62 831-1519-2999 (Admin) upon booking

IS THE TRIP PRICE NETT? 1 PAX CAN REALLY GO? Yes, the price is net. A minimum of 1 pax can go.

DOES THE TRIP PACKAGE PRICE INCLUDE FLIGHT TICKETS? No, the trip price does not include flight tickets. Flight tickets are purchased by the participants themselves.

DOES IT INCLUDE DOCUMENTATION? Yes, the trip package includes documentation with your phone, our team driver will help you to take pictures for you.

WHAT IF THE PARTICIPANT CANCELS THE TRIP? Cancellations made by participants due to illness or canceled flights can be rescheduled by including proof. Or participants can be replaced by other parties (Friends, Relatives, or Family). or you will get a FULL REFUND before the 48-hour cancellation. (Cancel up to 48 hours in advance for a full refund)

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