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Labuan Bajo Tourist Attractions

Natural wonders abound in Labuan Bajo, East Nusa Tenggara, which is home to a number of popular tourist destinations. During your vacation, you can take advantage of the beautiful natural scenery, unique coastline, and unparalleled panoramas that this region has to offer.

However, besides Labuan Bajo, there are tens or even hundreds of other interesting tourist destinations in Flores that you shouldn’t miss.

One of the attractions that must be visited in Flores is of course the Komodo dragon which is known as the “Wonder of the World”. Not a few tourist attractions in Labuan Bajo are focused on serving exotic animals from Eastern Indonesia as the main attraction.

Everything about the way they live, eat and interact with their environment is interesting to observe.

However, besides enjoying the Komodo dragon’s wildlife, there are many tourist attractions in Labuan Bajo and Flores that will surely captivate you and make you reluctant to go home.

Padar Island

Talking about Padar IslandPadar Island ), there is no other word that can match the word awesome. To be honest, it seems that the statement that Padar Island is “a little piece of heaven spread across the earth” is not an exaggeration.

Ticket Price: 5,000; Map: Check Location
Address: Kec. Komodo, Kab. West Manggarai, Nusa Tenggara Tim.

Wae Rebo

This village is very famous, almost exotic. Not only because of the location and shape of the traditional houses in that area but also because of everything related to the village of Wae Rebo.

You will learn about the culture and life stories of the Manggarai tribe in this village if you visit this location. It is also possible to live in one of the locals’ houses if you’re interested!

Ticket Price: Free; Map: Check Location
Address: Kec. Komodo, Kab. West Manggarai, East Nusa Tenggara.

Lingko Rice Fields

There is no other place in the world where you can find rice fields that look like cobwebs except for Cangar Village in Manggarai Regency.

These circular rice plots were made especially for this purpose, according to the traditional pattern of land management.

If you want your vacation to Flores to be even more memorable, there’s nothing wrong with asking a local guide why the rice fields are formed the way they are.

Moringa Island

Who doesn’t enjoy the prospect of exploring unspoiled nature untouched by civilization? Tourist destinations like this can be found on Kelor Island in Flores which is a small island with white sand and greenery in the middle, as well as small ripples of calm waves in the surrounding waters.

People seeking peace and quiet will be delighted by this beautiful destination.

Pink Beach

This Labuan Bajo tourist attraction must be visited by those who like pink. When viewed from any angle, the location is fun, cool, and very pink!

Just swimming, sunbathing, or snorkeling, whatever you choose, what you see and feel will give you inner satisfaction because you have witnessed the splendor of God’s creation. Cool!

Gili Lawa

Flores is home to a large number of amazing tourist attractions that are worth visiting. Gili Laba, also known as Gili Lawa Darat, is one of the islands included in this group.

This small island provides an attractive location to enjoy the natural beauty of Flores from a different perspective. It takes a bit of effort in the afternoon to reach the top and witness the stunning Flores sunrise and sunset views.

Kanawa Island

Kanawa Island offers crystal clear blue seas, clean white sand beaches, exotic coral reefs, and stunning views.

Kanawa Island and its surroundings are very beautiful, and that’s only a brief overview of them. Kanawa Island is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Labuan Bajo, and you must visit it. Assure me that visiting this tropical tourist destination will not hurt.

Kelimutu Lake

Lake Kelimutu has piqued the interest of those who know it, either through myths, atmosphere, or historical records.

Consider the following scenario: three large lakes at the top of Mount Kelimutu, each with a different color and the ability to change at any given time. Interested in witnessing this natural wonder while in Flores, Indonesia?

Goa Ranko Labuan Bajo

Not everyone is familiar with the name Crocodile Cave, but whatever you call it, everyone knows the incomparable beauty that Rangko Cave has to offer.

Consider the possibility that there is a cave hidden deep within the earth’s interior, filled with crystal clear salty water and dotted with amazing stalactites.

Sounds pretty cool, right? Don’t forget to take photos while there, okay?

During Mangiatan 

Mangiatan Atoll is a circular coral island that, according to the Big Indonesian Dictionary, is usually surrounded by a lake or lagoon in the middle.

Just reading the definition can already feel how exotic this tourist destination in Labuan Bajo is. However, if you still can’t, you can take a look at the photos on this page and book a vacation there right away, okay?

Cunca Walang

Those of you who want to feast your eyes and heart in a slightly different location in Flores and Labuan Bajo can go straight to Cunca Wulang.

You will not only find Instagenic valleys, but you will also find exotic waterfalls. Taking selfies at this location is sure to make for some fantastic shots!

Bena Traditional Village, Bajawa

Apart from the charming Wae Rebo, there is another village in Flores called Kampung Bena which is no less interesting than Wae Rebo.

Panoramic views of Mount Inerie, which serve as the backdrop for the attractive village, can be enjoyed from the top of this megalithic village located atop this hill.

Houses built in traditional styles and preserved ancestral traditions add to the charm of an exotic village. When visiting Flores, you must stop by here!

Taka Makassar

if you want to see something unique in Flores, Taka Makassar is a good place to start looking.

This small island of sand, which only appears at low tide and is no bigger than a football field, is only visible at low tide.

Taka Makassar is made even more spectacular by the stunning coral reefs that surround the island, which adds to its natural beauty.

Of course, if you get to see one while snorkeling, you can be sure that you won’t be disappointed.

Manta Point Labuan Bajo

This is the most popular tourist destination in Flores, both among beginners and experienced divers.

Besides being able to see the enchanting underwater world, you can also see Manta fish, also known as giant stingrays, which swim very friendly from one location to another.

Don’t forget to bring your underwater camera, OK?

Mirror Stone Cave

It took a while before we were able to witness the wonders of Batu Cermin Cave for ourselves. However, if you arrive at the right time, you will understand why this location is given this name.

Come in the afternoon before the afternoon, as a general rule.

Don’t worry about looking out of date because the view from this cave is absolutely stunning!

Rinca Island

Apart from Komodo Island, Rinca Island is another popular tourist destination in Labuan Bajo where visitors can get up close and personal with these remaining prehistoric animals.

Do you agree that a visit to NTT should not be missed because of the opportunity to take pictures with the Komodo dragons?

Ticket Price: 25,000; Map: Check Location
Address: Pasir Panjang, Kec. Komodo, Kab. West Manggarai, East Nusa Tenggara.

Liang Bua

This tourist destination in Labuan Bajo is a popular destination for archaeologists, paleontologists, and historians interested in ancient civilizations.

More specifically, the discovery of hobbit human fossils in East Nusa Tenggara was first made in Liang Bua in that region.

Because of its exotic setting, this tourist attraction is often used as a backdrop for selfies. Instagenic, to say the least!

Bukit Cinta Labuan Bajo

Named the Hill of Love, because the view you can get is very romantic and charming. This semi-circular hill is directly adjacent to the sea. The atmosphere is more beautiful when the sun will set. Because Bukit Cinta is indeed a very suitable spot for twilight hunting.

Angel Island

The next snorkeling point that you should not miss is Bidadari Island. The natural beauty of Bidadari Island is still very natural. So when you explore this island, you will get an unforgettable experience. Both under the sea and the landscape will make you fascinated by their beauty.

Ticket Price: 5,000; Map: Check Location
Address: Labuan Bajo, Kec. Komodo, Kab. West Manggarai, East Nusa Tenggara.

Sylvia Hill

It doesn’t feel complete if you stop by Labuan Bajo but don’t stop by Sylvia Hill. The scenery that is presented on the hill will make you fascinated. Especially when watching the sunrise and sunset. Because it is not blocked by any buildings, you can enjoy the panorama freely. You can also get views of the broad savanna hills here.

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