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Bali Water Sports Ocean Walker

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Unique Adventure_ Bali Water Sports Ocean Walker For 30 Min

Bali Water Sports Ocean Walker

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Bali Water Sports Ocean Walker: Walking Under the Sea

The Bali Water Sports Ocean Walker Tour offers a unique opportunity to explore the underwater world at Tanjung Benoa. This adventure allows participants to walk on the ocean floor using special helmets that provide a continuous supply of air, making it possible to breathe normally underwater. It’s an ideal activity for those who want to experience marine life up close without needing scuba diving skills.

Bali Ocean Walker Is an Activity For Walking Under The Sea And seeing the Beautiful Colorful Fish And Coral Reef In Tanjung Benoa Beach

Bali Ocean Walker Tour is a Bali Water Sport Tour package in Bali islands. We create something new to offering you step on the sand at the bottom of the sea with Bali Ocean Walker, guest will allowed to enjoy underwater for 30 minutes. The time was determined as the safest length of time for guests who have never been underwater before. You will see spectacular view of fishes and natural coral reef with Bali Ocean Walker’s helmet, so you should try this new activity.

Is great experience for walk underwater at tanjung benoa beach and see the beautiful underwater life, do interaction with many kind fish and see beautiful coral reef, is popular activity in tanjung benoa beach for walk underwater without getting hair wet, with ocean walker helmet you can breath at underwater. With equipment that has been certified for safety standards, it will make the adventure of walking under the sea even more fun

Ocean Walking Adventure at Tanjung Benoa

Tanjung Benoa is the perfect spot for ocean walking due to its clear waters and abundant marine life. The tour begins with a boat ride to the designated underwater walking area. Once there, participants receive a safety briefing and instructions on using the helmets. The walk lasts about 30 minutes, during which you can marvel at colorful fish and coral reefs while walking along a guided path.

Ocean Walker or Seawalker ?

Ocean walker is an activity to walk under the sea which is located on Tanjung Benoa Beach, while Seawalker is also an activity to walk under the sea where the first time a seawalker was introduced was on Sanur Beach which is called Bali Seawalker Tour, and now it has penetrated to the beach in Tanjung Benoa.

basically activity ocean walker and seawalker are the same, the only difference is the name and the location of the activity, and the point is the same is walking under the sea using a special helmet to see the beauty of the rocks and small fish that are here. Before this tour boomed, when talking about seawalkers, you would definitely refer to the Seawalker on Sanur Beach, but now when you talk about seawalkers, many water sports vendors at tanjung benoa beach provide this activity with the same name Seawalker and also have different names as their own characteristics such as Bali Ocean Walker.

Bali Ocean Walker Program

Before starting this Bali Ocean Walker Tour activity you will be briefed on the rules in this ocean walker activity, and you will be given special clothes for this ocean walker, after that we will take a boat to go to poonton, at the location where this ocean walker is located, in poonton You will make preparations using a helmet and go down to the bottom of the sea with the guidance of this ocean walker instructor.

Arriving under the sea you will start along the provided track, holding on to an iron pole while walking and seeing the beauty of the underwater world which is so enchanting, as for the duration of this ocean walker for about 30 minutes, enjoy the underwater beauty on the beach this tanjung benoa, finished your ocean walker will rise to the surface in poonton, arrived at poonton you will take off this special helmet and will be escorted to the beach by boat. A very pleasant sensation for 30 minutes walking under the sea and seeing the beauty of coral reefs and small fish in the ocean walker area.

Ocean Walker Activity Walking Under The Sea

Bali Ocean walkers or also often referred to as Sea walkers are both activities for walking under the sea, the only difference is the name and the location for carrying out these underwater activities, basically the activities carried out are the same, namely using a waterproof helmet and there is an oxygen hose. to circulate air into the helmet, and also the underwater environment which is the same – there are coral reefs and colorful small fish swimming here and there, here you can feed the fish that are here, to invite the fish to flock around you.

In this ocean walker path, an iron pole is provided that functions as a place for you to hold on while walking in the water, considering that walking in the water is a bit difficult because of the push of the sea, so prepare an iron pole that you can hold and walk around the area of ​​the this ocean walker.

Bali Ocean Walker is Impressive Experience

Bali Ocean Walker Tour is a very impressive experience, where we can walk under water using a helmet that has an oxygen hose, where we can breathe in the water, and see the underwater beauty while walking. You don’t need knowledge to swim, because swimming is not so important in this ocean walker activity. See the underwater beauty on the beach of Tanjung Benoa while walking along this ocean walker area and see colorful fish swimming close to you, and see very beautiful coral reefs. A very different experience when you do water sports activities on the island of Bali, so don’t miss this one activity.

Location of Bali Ocean Walker

The location of the Bali Ocean Walker is located in Nusa Dua, Tanjung Benoa beach, here we prepare a return transfer that you can use to go to this ocean walker location, in addition to ocean walker activities there are also other activities that are no less interesting. Located in one of the big and well-known watersports companies, and also very complete facilities will make this ocean walker experience very enjoyable. If you happen to be in Bali, you can contact us Bali Tour, and we will prepare everything so that you can do this ocean walker activity very comfortably and quietly and it is guaranteed that this adventure will complete your holiday on the island of Bali.

Safety and Equipment

Safety is a top priority on the Bali Ocean Walker Tour. Participants are equipped with high-quality helmets that are regularly inspected and maintained. Professional guides accompany each group to ensure safety and provide assistance if needed. The helmets are designed to keep your face and hair dry, allowing you to enjoy the underwater sights comfortably.

Booking and Preparing for Your Ocean Walker Adventure

Booking your ocean walker adventure is easy and can be done online or through local tour operators. It’s recommended to book in advance to secure your preferred time slot. On the day of your adventure, wear comfortable swimwear and bring sunscreen, a hat, and a waterproof bag for your belongings. Follow all instructions provided by the guides to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Tour Packages and Inclusions

The Bali Ocean Walker Tour offers various packages that include round-trip transfers, professional guides, safety equipment, and insurance coverage. Prices vary depending on the number of participants, with options for solo travelers, couples, and groups. Customizable packages are available to tailor your experience to specific preferences and needs.

Benefits of a Guided Ocean Walker Tour

Opting for a guided ocean walker tour ensures a safe and well-organized experience. Professional guides provide valuable insights into the local marine environment and assist with any needs during the tour. They ensure all safety measures are in place and offer tips on how to make the most of your underwater adventure. Additionally, guides can help capture memorable underwater photos, enhancing your experience.

How To Book A Tour With Us

  • Please fill up the Tour Booking form
  • We will reply as soon as possible after receiving your Tour Booking
  • If the Tour Booking doesn’t work, please send us an email directly to this
  • Or send us a message via WhatsApp at this number +62831151992999

FAQs about Bali Ocean Walker Tour

What should I bring for a Bali Ocean Walker Tour?

Bring swimwear, sunscreen, a hat, and a waterproof bag for your belongings.

How can I ensure the authenticity of my ocean walker tour booking?

Book through reputable vendors or directly from the tour operator. Confirmation emails and official booking platforms help ensure the authenticity of your reservation.

What is the best time of year for ocean walking in Bali?

The best time is during the dry season, from April to October, for ideal weather conditions and clear waters.

Are there age or health restrictions for ocean walking?

Ocean walking is generally safe for participants aged 7 and above. Those with heart conditions, pregnant women, and individuals with severe medical issues should consult with the tour operator.

How do I arrange a private ocean walker tour?

Private tours can be arranged through various tour operators. Specify your interests and preferences to create a tailored experience.

Is it possible to customize the itinerary?

Yes, many tour operators offer flexibility to customize your itinerary. Discuss your preferences when booking to create a tailored experience.


The Bali Ocean Walker Tour offers an exciting and memorable way to explore the underwater world. Whether you’re an adventure enthusiast or simply want to experience marine life up close, this tour promises an unforgettable underwater journey. With professional guides ensuring your safety and enjoyment, the Bali Ocean Walker Tour is a must-try activity for any Bali visitor.

Bali Ocean Walker Tour Price
IDR 8500.000/person
30 Minutes


  • Minimum Booking for 2 Person
  • Price is quote per person, child and adults is same price
  • Children age below 7 years is not allowed do water sports activity
  • Price not Include transfer, additional price for return transfer

Bali Ocean Walker Tour Return Transfer Cost :

  • Tuban / Kuta / Jimbaran : IDR 200.000,-/Car
  • Ubud / Tanah Lot : IDR 350.000,-/Car
  • Seminyak / Legian : IDR 200.000,-/Car
  • Pecatu / Uluwatu : IDR 250.000,-/Car
  • Sanur : IDR 200.000,-/car


  • Please contact us if pick up outside area mention above
  • Price water sports valid if using our return transfer

Bali Ocean Walker Tour Terms and Conditions :

  • Water Sports activity at some time will be cancel depend on wind and weather condition which not safety for costumer and will be informed by us to the guest, it will no charge to the costumer/refund payment.

Before you book

Tour Schedule

  • This tour is available on
  • Monday-Sunday
  • The same price applies to all ages

Itinerary Reminder

  • The schedule is subject to change depending on traffic and weather conditions on your activity date

Prohibitions & Limitations

  • This activity is not recommended for anyone with impaired physical mobility
  • This activity is not recommended for anyone with certain medical conditions such as high blood pressure, epilepsy, etc.
  • The activity is unable to accommodate allergies, gluten intolerance, vegetarian diets, or other dietary needs

Cancellation Policy

  • You’ll get a full refund if you cancel at least 48 hours (s) before the activity starts

Notes :

  • Price Not includes 21% government tax and service
  • This tour is a Private Tour, meaning there are no other participants, only you and your companion
  • The tour will be assisted by an English-speaking tour driver
  • Tour Guides can be requested, contact us if you want to request a Tour Guide during the trip
  • Tourism time and site may change based on your request.
  • Use the contact form provided to send us a message, request information, or make a tour booking request.

Additional Information

  • For more information on this trip, please contact +62 831-1519-2999 (Admin) upon booking

IS THE TRIP PRICE NETT? 1 PAX CAN REALLY GO? Yes, the price is net. No, A minimum of 2 pax can go.

DOES THE TRIP PACKAGE PRICE INCLUDE FLIGHT TICKETS? No, the trip price does not include flight tickets. Flight tickets are purchased by the participants themselves.

DOES IT INCLUDE DOCUMENTATION? Yes, the trip package includes documentation with your phone, our team driver will help you to take pictures for you.

WHAT IF THE PARTICIPANT CANCELS THE TRIP? Cancellations made by participants due to illness or canceled flights can be rescheduled by including proof. Or participants can be replaced by other parties (Friends, Relatives, or Family). or you will get a FULL REFUND before the 48-hour cancellation. (Cancel up to 48 hours in advance for a full refund)

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